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Featuring KeeMe
KeeMe is an app for film and video technicians who need to shoot an iPhone or iPod Touch device and replace the contents of the screen in post production. KeeMe allows the user to set an RGB background color which will fill the entire visible portion of the device's screen. As a further feature, KeeMe also gives options for the user to set tracking markers in the corners of the device's screen. Then, it should be possible to run video of the tracking markers through 3rd party software to solve for the screen's position and rotation. This should help post production technicians doing a billboard style replacement of the device's screen.

Please note, you are STRONGLY encouraged to test different color settings and marker options before committing to film. Different shooting environments present various challenges and you should find the best solution for each case.

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Filmmakers Dictionary

Whether a film student or professional, this is a must-have app. Filmmakers Dictionary is a collection of common and uncommon terms and phrases that one encounters while working on a film or video production. It's great to have this app in your pocket, ready to go when someone yells, "back to one!" or asks for Mafer clamp.Filmmakers Dictionary also includes definitions for the common crewmember roles that you may encounter throughout your career, as well as a guide charting the common light source color temperatures.This handy guide is just what you need whether you are starting out in the biz or a seasoned professional. Enjoy, and please email me any suggestions of terms or phrases that you would like to see added.

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